The new knives from Fissler – “Made in Germany”

The delights of cooking begin with preparing the ingredients. Anyone who wants the finished foods to be as delicious as possible needs not only the best ingredients and good cookware, but the right knives. The models in the three new Fissler lines – profession, perfection and passion – are really beautiful and really sharp.

Design plus precision
Along with functionality, design has become the key buying impulse for kitchen utensils. In developing the newest of its knife lines, Fissler worked closely with Professor Thomas Gerlach (via 4 Design). His credo “form follows emotion” is vividly reflected in the new lines. The quality of these tools is proven in their day-to-day use. Thanks to their perfect balance and nonslip, ergonomically shaped handles, the knives are comfortable to hold even when used for long periods of time. As in Fissler cookware, the high-quality raw materials and precise workmanship we use for our knives are part of our recipe for success. The stainless special steel (chromium molybdenum vanadium) must go through over 30 different processing steps before each knife is ready to go on to the final polishing, to make its blade razor-blade sharp.

profession – Special knives for special hosts
Fissler has developed the extensive profession knife line for the special requirements of amateur cooks. The 20 different knives make virtually any cutting task possible. Whether for dicing vegetables, carving meat, or cutting fish into filets, this line offers the right knife. In line with the trend toward Asian cuisine, Fissler has included four knives with special Asian blade shapes. The one-sided blade is ideal for the precise, paper-thin slicing needed for sushi or sashimi, etc.

Special marks of quality of the line: All of the knives are forged out of a single piece and are manufactured in Solingen, Germany. Fissler has re-interpreted the classic rivet design already familiar from the pro knives. Square stainless steel rivets give the line an unusual, pure and striking look.
Forging the blade and the tang out of a single piece makes the knives extremely strong and gives them a long service life.

perfection – Aesthetics in the kitchen
perfection is the ideal knife line for aesthetes who highly value unique design, in addition to optimal sharpness, functionality and safety. The innovative handle shape with its 90° rotated tang and the slightly curved contours gives these knives a truly special look. The handle is not only a perfect fit for the hand, but ensures that you can comfortably use these knives for long periods of time without tiring. The line includes 16 knives – from the small peeling knife with its 7 cm blade to the large bread knife with a classic serrated edge. The quality guarantee: All knives are made out of a single piece of precision-forged steel and “Made in Solingen.”

passion – For everyone who cooks with love
The passion line has been developed by Fissler for everyone who enjoys spending a lot of time in the kitchen and who values brand quality in cookware. Whether for trimming beans, separating chicken breasts, or peeling apples: The knives in the passion line simply feel good when tackling day-to-day kitchen tasks. In addition to their design, with the characteristic black, gently curved plastic handles, their functional quality is paramount. The knives are robust, durable, and easy to handle.

Sharpening Steels & Co. – The accessories
The Fissler line also includes practical, attractive products for storing and caring for your knives. It includes a beechwood knife block (seven-piece) and a magnetic design knife block with a stainless steel base for up to eight knives.

To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your knives for a long time, you will need to sharpen them regularly. Fissler offers two sharpening steels, one made of steel and the other with a tungsten carbide coating. New cutting boards made of wood and plastic provide the right surface for cutting with your knives.

*The tang is the extension of the forged blade into the handle.

The perfection, profession and passion knife lines plus accessories will be available in stores as of June 2009.

You will find overviews of the new product lines and prices on the attached fact sheets.

About Fissler
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